The Bone Wall #Freebook

THE BONE WALL EBOOKFree on Amazon Today through July 4: Click Here

The Bone Wall will be Free from July 1st through July 4th.  This is a grim and gritty post-apocalyptic fantasy, so tender readers beware.

The Blurb:

Blue light ripples and crackles as the shield walls fracture. The remnants of a doomed civilization stand vigil outside, intent on plunder and slaves, desirous of untainted blood to strengthen their broken lives. With the poisons, came deformities and powers, enhanced senses and the ability to manipulate waves of energy—lightbenders and fire-wielders.

For those who thrived for generations within the walls, the broken world looms, strange and deadly, slowly dying. While the righteous pray for salvation, Rimma prepares for battle, fueled by rage and blinded by vengeance. Her twin, Angel, bound to her by unbreakable magic, seeks light in the darkness, hope in the future, and love in a broken world.

 If grimdark tales of spiraling destruction and redemption crowd your bookshelf, this fantasy adventure desires a place among them.

A wonderful review by Christoph Fischer:star3

“The Bone Wall” by D. Wallace Peach is a beautiful if somewhat grim piece of fantasy that makes no secret of its metaphoric and symbolic character. Heaven and Hell, good and evil are the forces in an apocalyptic world. The novel presents us with twin girls, Rimma and Angel who are quite different in character from each other. The book is refreshing in its stylistic approach, clear in its message and touching in its characterisation.There is swearing and darkness, there is goodness and hope, a fast pace and a literary quality in the writing. Impressive.
Thank you, Christoph!

Happy Reading!

To all my US friends – Have a wonderful 4th of July


What’s Up



This is a new website, but the fantasy books here count 9, so a few of them have been around awhile. 2016 is a busy year with lofty goals for a new series as well as updating previously published books.

I decided at the end of 2015 to take back my books from my traditional publisher. I know readers often use the “traditionally published” achievement as a benchmark for quality, but I’m going to buck that assumption a bit. My books are stuck with typos, average covers, and prices that I have no control over.

As my books fall back into my inky fingers, I’m fixing those aggravating typos, they’re getting fabulous new covers by the talented Jennifer Munswami, and I’m lowering prices! All good news for readers!

So where am I?

The Sorcerer’s Garden – done

The Bone Wall – done.

Five Elements Anthology – no changes here.

The Melding of Aeris – newly released March 25, 2016.

Sunwielder – newly released May 15, 2016.

The Dragon Soul Quartet: was newly released as a four-book “quartet” on August 20, 2016. Myths of the Mirror can be read as a stand-alone, but also kicks off a longer adventure. They are available individually and as a bundle.

My Work in Progress is another four-book serial entitled The Rose Shield (for now). The first book is almost done, the second has gone through two drafts, and the last two are in outline form. Without a hard deadline, they’re waiting until the other books are all updated and ready to go. My goal is to return to them again in July and begin releases at the beginning of the new year.

That’s the update. Stay tuned!