The Melding of Aeris $.99 Sale


On Sale May 26th and May 27th on Amazon.

What one reviewer said:


I’m not usually a fan of fantasy novels, but this book came up as a recommendation in my sci fi collection. After reading the background of D.Wallace Peach, I felt compelled to at least give it a try. I am very pleased that I did, because from start to finish, I was completely engrossed in it, wishing it would never end.

Yes, this is a fantasy novel but it is different and unique. It does have a bit of sci fi in it, which is something that I thoroughly enjoy. The book has a very strange concept to it; Aeris wants to be human, but in order to do so, he needs human skin. This reminded me very much of a movie I saw recently, which is probably why it was so intriguing.

Without giving too much away, I will just say that this is a book unlike any other that I’ve read thus far, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Whether you are a fantasy novel fan or not, this is one that you definitely won’t be able to put down.

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